Pre-register your dog

Successful 2013 copyOn National Dog Day, DogLost is urging people to pre-register their dogs with DogLost.

When a dog goes missing, every owner is in a panic. Finding a photo and microchip details are time-consuming but necessary.

By registering with DogLost and providing all a dog’s details in advance, valuable time can be saved should the worst happen.

“It just takes a few minutes” said founder, Jayne Hayes “and it will take away a lot of the worry should your dog go missing or be stolen.”

With pre-registration, just a click of a button will alert the DogLost team that your dog is missing and alerts and posters can be automatically mailed without delay.

To register, just fill in the form here

Success at The Pet Show

Petshow ownerRain didn’t deter thousands of pet-lovers streaming through the doors of Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire for The Pet Show.

DogLost was pleased to have been invited to make more owners aware of dog theft and the need to keep their animals secure.

DogLost’s team were able to chat to hundreds of dogs owners – some of whom were either registered with DogLost, had been helped by us or had, indeed, been helpers.

For many people, it was the first time that they’d realised that a microchip doesn’t offer complete protection when their dog goes missing. A big part of DogLost’s education programme is to make people aware that a chip can only help reunite a dog if the dog is found and scanned.

Celebrity supporter Marc the Vet called by in between his ‘Ask an Expert’ sessions. And for those whose animal interests extend beyond dogs, there very pets of every variety on show.

DogLost at The Pet Show

Ask-the-Experts-Marc-the-VetDogLost will be at this weekend’s Pet Show at Stoneleigh advising owners on how to keep their dogs safe.

With the increase in dog theft, DogLost needs to raise awareness of microchipping and registering with the site as well as ways to combat the thieves.

You will find us in on stand F13 near the main entrance and between the cafe and the Kennels Arena. Celebrity supporter, Marc the Vet will be on the Pet Show stand answering all your dog-related questions.

Pet Show400x400 copyOther attractions at the show include: displays, special guests, meet and greet areas, animal habitat features, educational workshops, have a go activities and all the latest products, supplies and equipment for pet loving visitors.

The Pet Show 2014 returns to Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on 2nd – 3rd August 2014 and is open 1100-1700 on both days. The Pet Show

Fence campaign victory for co-ordinator

Kim HerbertOur Herts & Essex boarders co-ordinator, Kim Herbert, has finally won her five-year campaign to fence off a section of railway line in Harlow where her hearing dog was killed.

Cassie, a Border Collie, was killed when she strayed onto a section of track in Harlow. Her tragic death led Kim to campaign fiercely for Network Rail to erect a fence between Harlow Town station and an industrial estate.

Despite Network Rail’s initial refusal to act, Kim went on to enlist the help of the council, her local MP and an army of people who signed her online petition.

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Reunited after more than five years

fphotoSharon Collins  had given up all hope of seeing her Staffordshire Bull Terrier again when she disappeared more than five years ago from Bere Regis in Dorset.

That was until Ellie arrived at Landyke Kennels in Fife where owner and former DogLost co-ordinator Sylvia scanned her, looked at the DogLost website and realised who she was.

The chip details were out of date, so southwest regional co-ordinator Gina visited the address in the hope of gleaning some information. As luck would have it, the new owner knew a relative who was able to put her in touch with Sharon.

Transport was arranged from Fife to Dorset to get Ellie home, with kennel owner Sylvia driving the first leg all the way to Peterborough.

The photo shows owner Sharon with Ellie and the original DogLost missing poster.

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Dog overboard

1623664_10152153033957344_6428050777568793611_nWhen Big Issue seller, Ralph set off to fulfil a lifetime ambition to sail along the south coast in a dingy with his best friends Jess, he didn’t bank on Jess going overboard.

Collie X Jack Russell terrier, Jess, was frightened by the sound of gunfire from nearby Dartmouth College as they entered a creek.

Ralph’s sister, Maria, registered Jess with DogLost and the team immediately sprung into action. Administrator, Jayne, contacted the local farms, whilst co-ordinator Bobbie gave advice and contacted the local rescues.

On DogLost’s advice, Ralph left his sleeping bag on the beach and eventually Jess found it. It was an emotional reunion, and when Ralph contacted DogLost he said: “A big heartfelt thank you to all of you for all the moral and practical support you gave me while Jess was missing. I’m touched deeply by it all and feel somewhat overwhelmed. I would like to say a special thanks to Jayne for all she did. It was truly above and beyond the call of duty. You helped me so much and eased my worries and pain.”

Jess has settled back to their normal routine and Ralph is sure she is more confident in herself for being away.

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Keep your dog safe on holiday

Dog Tracker LabSummer is one of the busiest times for DogLost as dogs frequently go missing while on holiday.

Fazed by the unfamiliar surroundings of a family holiday, dogs are unable to rely on familiar sights, sounds and smells to get them home.

Although DogLost springs into action to help owners find their dogs, the end of the holiday may come before a dog is reunited. Faced with the return home without their beloved pet, the search becomes more heartfelt when they have to decide whether to return again and again or to let local helpers continue.

One way to prevent losing your dog in the first place is to rent a GPS tracking collar for your holiday. Dog Tracker Plus made by Retrieva and endorsed by DogLost, is available for a fixed rental of 30 days for £30.

With your dog wearing the collar you will be able to see where they are at all times on your mobile phone – ideal when you are away from home, even in Europe. The collar also sends anti-theft and tamper alerts to keep your dog safe and give you peace of mind.

To rent a collar call Dog Tracker Plus on 01442 877796. If you quote offer code DLR1 they will make a donation of £3 on your behalf to DogLost as well!

I love my dog video for DogLost

Pauline-Quirke-BaileyThe students from the Pauline Quirke Academy Romford have produced I love my dog to create awareness of dog theft.

The five minute video features the students talking about why they love their dogs before the story cuts to the more sinister scenerio of dog theft from the street and in cars.

It also stars Pauline’s own choc lab, Bailey Quirke, who starred with her in the hit ITV drama, Broadchurch.

Said director, Mark Bowman, “Last month, my students at The Pauline Quirke Academy were educated on the unfortunate and devastating effects many families face when their beloved dog goes missing. We wanted to make this video to support DogLost, who are, in a word, amazing.”

Watch here: I love my dog

Snowy reunited after four years

Snowy 25405_aA little white Parsons Jack Russell has been reunited with her owner nearly four years after going missing.

Snowy disappeared from her home near Hook, Hampshire in the autumn of 2010. She was believed stolen as she had no history of roaming.

Delighted owner, Helen, told DogLost “She was found wandering up and down a busy dual carriageway in Portsmouth and a kindly gentleman was concerned she may get run over so took her to the local council – who contacted me via her microchip.”

“She is a little old lady now and very overweight, but the vet is confident she will be fine. Snowy has fitted right back in and is just following me around all the time. I never thought that I would get her back after so long, and this is just so brilliant that she is finally home.”

New dawn for Skye

Skye 47435_aA third dog has been returned to kennels in Linchmere, Sussex after seven of their dogs were stolen in a five day period 18 months ago.

Skye, a black Cocker Spaniel was reunited with her owners after she escaped from her new home in the Midlands. The new owner, unaware that she had been stolen had bought her and a puppy after seeing the puppies advertised online.

The thefts, which were featured extensively by BBC South Today, were many of a spate at the beginning of 2013 which heralded our Gundog Theft Action campaign.

Biscuit and Tiggy, a Jack Russell Terrier and a Border Terrier, respectively, were reunited last year after they escaped their captors near Basingstoke.

There are still four more dogs missing Purdie and Tika both Springers; Dexter, an elderly Cocker and Bertie a Jack Russell.