Gundog theft initiative

day1-stats2016bThis week highlights the plight of gundogs who are increasingly being stolen for breeding or the black market

Gundog Theft Awareness week seeks to raise awareness of the number of gun dogs stolen every year. The breeds most commonly stolen are Labradors, Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels and DogLost statistics reveal that in 2015, 356 Labradors, 276 Cocker Spaniels and 168 Springer Spaniels went missing – mainly stolen.

Run by the Pet Theft Awareness team, they will be offering advice to owners on how to keep dogs safe, what to do if they become a victim and buying and selling gundog puppies.

The awareness campaign is being run through social media and DogLost and its partners in the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance are supporting the initiative.



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