DogLost launches website appeal

Crowd funding 1_Layout 1DogLost has launched a crowdfunding appeal to fund improvements to its website.

As the organisation focuses on the dogs, it rarely talks about funding.  The website is a valuable national database used by DogLost volunteers, owners, dog wardens, rescues and the police. It holds data on more than 100,000 of the nation’s dogs, and the more it assists, the bigger the database and the cost to run it.

Said Founder, Jayne Hayes: “For the last 13 years our nationwide team of volunteers and helpers have helped more than 80,000 owners and reunited some 60,000 dogs.  They offer advice to distraught owners, search high and low and cross reference endless information. They help register on the website and use it, and our extensive social media network to get the message out”

“Despite our valuable work, we get no funding and we have to pay for the website on a commercial basis. This means we pay for the ever-increasing cost of hosting a growing database, the maintenance of the website and instigating any new initiatives.  Just keeping the website ticking over each month costs many, many hundreds of pounds.”

DogLost helpers have great ideas to improve the website and implementing them would provide an even better service to everyone. But it urgently needs the funds to do that.

DogLost’s success has increased the sheer cost of running the website, but it is absolutely committed to keeping the website and the entire service free to use.

Continued Jayne: If supporters – and the owners we have helped – could spare a few pounds to help us, we will be able to help more owners of missing and stolen dogs.”

To donate please go to

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