Keep your dogs safe during the fireworks season

Owners are being urgfireworks 2ed to keep their dogs safe as the fireworks season starts.

Said DogLost founder, Jayne Hayes: “This time of year is one of the busiest as dogs get frightened by fireworks and bolt.”

Whilst many return home on their own, or are found locally, others are often found deceased as they are involved in a road traffic collision or are hit by a train.

Said a DogLost spokesperson: “We have a few simple suggestions for owners to ensure they keep their dogs safe:”

  • Never take your dog for a walk after dark – even if you think he isn’t nervous
  • If you have to take him out in the back garden use a lead – dogs have been known to leap fences out of fear
  • Make sure he’s registered with DogLost should the worst happen

Follow more advice from the Dogs Trust



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