DogLost reunites nearly 7000 dogs in 2015

RetrieverDogLost helped to reunite nearly 7,000 dogs in 2015 – up 400 from the previous year.

The most ever achieved in its 12-year history, the stories range from the dramatic to the more ordinary.

Some involved joint operations with police forces where DogLost investigators and volunteers located dogs and the police raided premises and seized the dogs. The story that received the most coverage was Monty the English Bull Terrier who had sniffed out his owner’s cancer but was stolen whilst on a walk.

Sometimes our co-ordinators are called out to railway lines and motorways where dogs have been spotted. Other dramatic stories have  involved DogLost working with coastguards to retrieve dogs in danger along the coastline. One little Border Collie puppy had to be rescued from a ledge after the Cornwall team heard his wimpering.

Some stories involved vast periods of time when owners had given up all hope of ever seeing their dog again. One eagle-eyed helper spotted a Springer Spaniel on the found pages and believed it to be Bluebell who was stolen three years earlier. Imagine the owner’s amazement when it turned out to be her.

But most of DogLost’s stories are much more mundane: They involve advice, support and legwork from our volunteers and helpers. Whether it’s advice on searching, laying trails or traps or getting the local media to take an interest, it’s all in a day’s work for DogLost.

And the greatest reward for our volunteer network is the tears of joy from owners when they are reunited with their precious dogs.

2016 will be an even bigger year for DogLost and if you think you have the skills to help on the ground or online, then please contact us at with volunteering in the subject line.

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