Charity team pull out the stops for DogLost

John Miller BCOur supporters will bake cakes, hold raffles and parade around in all manner of costumes just to make sure we can keep our service running.

But one organisation went a step further and did all this for an entire year. Border Collie owners at the Ladies Kennel Association have set themselves the task of raising funds for a cancer charity and a dog charity each year.

2014 was DogLost’s lucky year and we have just received £1,200 – enough to keep us running for four weeks,

The group – lead by Pete Simmons – held raffle after raffle at championship shows and auctioned everything from Pete’s own pickled onions to a beautiful hand-made encrusted ring number arm band.

Much of the Border Collie fundraising was organised by Laura Wiltshire, who told DogLost “Pete even dressed up for the day at the LKA championship show as a snowman, and we had lovely jewellery donated by Tiny Treasures.”

“Raising the money wouldn’t have be possible without the generousity of the dog show community, “ continued Laura, “but I’d particularly like to thank Phil Surridge, Joanna Lake and Dog World for their support.”

“DogLost is an amazing organisation who do so much to help owners when pets go missing, so by supporting them it’s our way of giving back and saying thank you”

Photo shows a limited edition print donated by artist John Silver

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