tougher sentencing for animal abuse

The link for the e-petition is:

My name is Kate, I am 24 years old and I own 2 very giddy spaniels, I have recently signed  up to dog lost as a volunteer. The petition is for tougher sentencing for animal abuse, I have created this after reading yet another distressing story in my local newspaper and just thought I can’t sit back and cry anymore I want to at least try to help.

I need to reach 100,000 signatures for this petition to be heard in the House of
Commons posting the petition for this cause on your website could make a difference. My local newspaper have just picked u this petition and were going to be featured this week.

Thanks!! Kate

Petition to overhaul dog laws and bring forward new legislation in the Queen’s Speech.

Despite last year’s Defra consultation on dangerous dogs, and assurances from Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss the topic, the Government has failed to address what the organisations all agree is inadequate legislation that does not adequately protect the public, worker safety and animal welfare.

The petition demands that the Government brings forward a Bill in the Queen’s Speech next year that consolidates and updates dog control legislation. It is hoped a new Bill would have a greater preventative effect by focussing on owner responsibility, give greater flexibility and discretion to enforcers and the courts, and enhance dog welfare.

Sign On-Line Fireworks Packaging Petition

Dog and cat owners are being urged to sign to an on-line petition calling for fireworks manufacturers to carry information about pet safety both on-line and on their packaging.

Animal healthcare company, Ceva – the manufacturers of leading veterinary behaviour products Adaptil™ and Feliway® – are supporting the move which they hope will attract widespread support from breeders, owners, vets, rescue organisations and professionals working in the industry.

Fireworks To Carry Pet Safety Information

More than 80 per cent of pet owners have a pet that is afraid of fireworks. Fireworks manufacturers need to accept their responsibilities in this and publicise pet safety information on packaging and on their websites. We, the undersigned, call on the Government to make this a mandatory requirement.”