Border collie in sea rescue

Misty coastguardWhen Border Collie, Misty, was reported missing to DogLost, from Seaford railway station this afternoon, no-one expected her to be found in the sea.

Newhaven Coastguard were alerted and whilst the response vehicle was en route, another member of the Coastguard team arrived on scene.

Misty was 200 yards out and too far for one of the rescue swimmers so a request was made for the Newhaven Lifeboat, which was quickly on the scene and two crewmen entered the water to assist Misty who was struggling to swim and continually going under the water.

Said a spokesperson for the Coastguard: “The Lifeboat crewmen managed to get the dog aboard despite despite snapping and injuring one of the crewmen.”

Once in the cabin and wrapped in a blanket, Misty calmed down and was returned to the Lifeboat station where she was met by Coastguards and owner, Sue.

Misty was taken to an emergency vet in Brighton and the crewman to an out of hours doctor.

Said a spokesperson for DogLost: “Obviously our volunteers are not able to rescue dogs from the sea, so we are very grateful for the Coastguard and the Lifeboat coming to Misty’s aid. We hope that both Misty and the crewman make a speedy recovery.”

If a dog owner should find themselves in a similar situation, they are reminded that they should call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Photo courtesy Newhaven Coastguard


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