Keeping your dog safe over Easter

Basket-full-of-easter-eggsWhilst we’re busy with our guests and opening our Easter eggs, it’s easy for dogs to slip out unnoticed. Sometimes people don’t notice for a while and fido is long gone. So here’s a little advice to keep your dog safe this Easter:

  • Check that gates and fences are secure and that your dog can’t dig his way out: A bored dog will always think the grass is greener.
  • Keep exterior doors shut and locked at all times
  • Always know where your dog is – however busy you are – and ideally assign one person to look after them
  • Don’t leave your dog in the garden for long periods, tied up outside a shop or in the car whilst you visit friends and relatives. Thieves work all year round !

And don’t forget that chocolate is toxic to our four-legged friends, so absolutely no chocolate eggs or bunnies for them !

Easter is a busy time of year for DogLost with many dogs going missing. But we will be manning our free helpline all over the four-day holiday with our normal opening hours of 0700-2100.

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