DogLost presentation to Parliamentary group

IMG-20141202-01158DogLost was given the opportunity to address the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare this evening.

The organisation was able to explain its work and demonstrate the challenges it faces, from a lack of scanning and variable dog warden services to dog theft and limited police resources.

The Group – an all party committee of MPs chaired by Neil Parish MP – meets about six times a year and has associate members from organisations across the sphere of animal welfare.

Speaking for the organisation, spokesperson Nik Oakley said: The rapid growth in dog theft is an urgent issue that politicians need to address and we welcomed their interest in the problem.

Although time was limited, DogLost was able to explain why setting up the the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance is so important. Trying to push forward reforms on scanning and pet theft, Vets Get Scanning. Dog Union, Dog Theft Action and Pet Theft Awareness were also there.

This evening’s meeting was devoted entirely to dog welfare and the recently set-up dog subgroup, chaired by Robert Flellio MP, presented its strategy concentrating on responsible ownership and breeding.

Photo shows Alliance members Richard Jordan from Pet Theft Awareness and Debbie Matthews from Vets Get Scanning at the House of Commons


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