Lads’ smart work reunites stolen Surrey Cockers

Jamal andTwo Surrey lads’ smart action meant that the two stolen Cocker Spaniels from Cranleigh earlier yesterday were reunited with their owners Simon and  Tina Drayson.

Nelson and Brock were found in the early hours of this morning by Jamal Betts and his friend Matt Kipping. The 16 year olds were making their way home from a party when they noticed the two dogs following them.

After contacting the RSPCA and Surrey dog wardens, the boys stayed with the dogs for and hour whilst they waited for the Police.  Jamal’s mum Tara came to their aid and told DogLost: “Nelson was very anxious but was coaxed into my car with Brock, who was
quick to jump in because he knew he was going home.”

Dog Rescuers! copyThe dogs were kept in the car for their own safety from passing traffic until the Police arrived. Continued Tara: “The Police took one look at the dogs and said ‘Yep, that’s them’. They informed the boys that the dogs they had rescued were in fact the stolen working dogs from Cranleigh.”

The dogs, who were stolen earlier in the day by thieves caught on cctv, were shared thousands of times by the DogLost social media team and other dog lovers.

Owner Simon Drayson told DogLost : “We’re absolutely thrilled to have the boys home. Thanks you so much for everyone who shared the CCTV footage on social media.”

Photos show Jamal and Matt, and Nelson being collected by a police officer.

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