DogLost celebrates Toby’s return on Good Morning Britain

Toby GMBDogLost founder, Jayne Hayes, was on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning with Louise Marsh the owner of the border terrier reunited after a reconstruction and a media campaign which include an aeroplane banner.

Both expected to appear on the programme to talk about dog theft and to make an appeal for Toby’s return, but as Good Morning Britain were putting the show together yesterday afternoon, news of Toby being found filtered through.

Toby – and a Jack Russell who had been missing for a year – had been found by a woman more than 50 miles away in Kent who took them to a vet for scanning.

Toby, who ran off from his home in Woking two weeks ago had been found by a local man who was knocking door to door to find his owner when he was approached by a man in a car. In an often repeated scenerio, the driver offered to take Toby to the vets to be scanned. And that was the last anyone saw of Toby until a chance sighting yesterday.

Said a spokesperson for DogLost: “Significant media campaigns means that a dog is so well-known that it is impossible for a him to be sold on and he is dumped. But we would warn people who find a dog and try to find where he lives, that claims by people in cars that they are the owner or that they are taking him to the vet are rarely true. If in any doubt, contact the dog warden or us.”

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