Reunited after more than five years

fphotoSharon Collins  had given up all hope of seeing her Staffordshire Bull Terrier again when she disappeared more than five years ago from Bere Regis in Dorset.

That was until Ellie arrived at Landyke Kennels in Fife where owner and former DogLost co-ordinator Sylvia scanned her, looked at the DogLost website and realised who she was.

The chip details were out of date, so southwest regional co-ordinator Gina visited the address in the hope of gleaning some information. As luck would have it, the new owner knew a relative who was able to put her in touch with Sharon.

Transport was arranged from Fife to Dorset to get Ellie home, with kennel owner Sylvia driving the first leg all the way to Peterborough.

The photo shows owner Sharon with Ellie and the original DogLost missing poster.

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