Dog overboard

1623664_10152153033957344_6428050777568793611_nWhen Big Issue seller, Ralph set off to fulfil a lifetime ambition to sail along the south coast in a dingy with his best friends Jess, he didn’t bank on Jess going overboard.

Collie X Jack Russell terrier, Jess, was frightened by the sound of gunfire from nearby Dartmouth College as they entered a creek.

Ralph’s sister, Maria, registered Jess with DogLost and the team immediately sprung into action. Administrator, Jayne, contacted the local farms, whilst co-ordinator Bobbie gave advice and contacted the local rescues.

On DogLost’s advice, Ralph left his sleeping bag on the beach and eventually Jess found it. It was an emotional reunion, and when Ralph contacted DogLost he said: “A big heartfelt thank you to all of you for all the moral and practical support you gave me while Jess was missing. I’m touched deeply by it all and feel somewhat overwhelmed. I would like to say a special thanks to Jayne for all she did. It was truly above and beyond the call of duty. You helped me so much and eased my worries and pain.”

Jess has settled back to their normal routine and Ralph is sure she is more confident in herself for being away.

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