DogLost targets gundog theft

Gundog-Theft-coverFollowing a huge increase in the theft of gundogs, DogLost has launched an initiative to highlight the issue amongst owners across the country.

With the shooting season in full swing, DogLost co-ordinators are targeting shoots to make owners aware of the issue and to offer advice on how to keep their dogs safe.

Said campaign co-ordinator, Sue Herbert, who looks after the mainly rural area of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire: “Theft from kennels is rife and owners need to know that they should be much more diligent over their dogs. They need to review security and consider the use of alarms and cctv.”

DogLost also advises that owners of gundogs get advice from police crime prevention officers and don’t leave their dogs unattended.

Top tips are:
• Take a fresh look at your security
• Ensure your dogs are microchipped
• Never leave a dog unsecured or unattended
• If you run a shoot ensure all helpers are known and trusted
• Be careful who you speak to regarding your dog’s remarkable capabilities !

In the last year thefts of gundogs – particularly from kennels – has quadrupled. One Sussex gamekeeper was targeted twice in three days with a total of seven dogs taken. Whilst most are being used or sold on it the UK, it is believed that some are stolen to order and taken to Ireland or Europe.

“Police are beginning to take the issue much more seriously with dog theft being part of the brief for rural teams.” continued DogLost spokesperson, Nik Oakley. “Forces in Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and Thames Valley are leading the way.”

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