Update your microchip

Please add your dog’s microchip to  your details – its free and you can manage any microchip number via DogLost.

DogLost is always seeking new ways to help find your dog, and a new scheme will soon link microchip scanners to our database – due to be launched in September.

This means that when a dog is scanned with our scanner an alert will be shown on the scanner stating if the dog is held on our database as lost or stolen. This will save time for Vets and other professional and make it easy for them to scan all dogs as a matter of course.

The scanners will only be available to vets, dog wardens, rescue centres and similar professionals. The scanner, linked to our database, will allow them to see immediately if a scanned dog has been registered as LOST on DogLost, and contact us to help reunite you with your dog promptly.

How You Can Help
· Make sure your pet is microchipped;

· Add your pet’s microchip details to their DogLost record – it does not matter which microchip company you purchased your chip from – PLUS you can change your name and address on your registered details for free!!;

· If you have already added your pet’s microchip details, please double-check that they are correct;

· Tell your friends, and get them to add/check their pet’s details, too

Remember, only you and our co-ordinators can see the microchip details on your dog’s record. Please enter only the information exactly as it appears on the chip – any mis-matches will be ingnored by the scanners.

THANK YOU – this will make a real difference!!


7 thoughts on “Update your microchip

  1. Hi, I have be trying to find where to input the microchip number but not having any luck. Have tried to register with the forum twice but each time I’m have to request Activation Key but not comming through after numerous reqests. Please can you assist.

    • Hello

      I am looking into it now – I think I know what it is but I am checking – Harry

  2. I have lost Toby and dropped posters off at all the local vets. These vets will only scan a stray – they have told me they do not scan new dogs to their practice. Will this initiative get the vets scanning as a matter of course? I have now written letters pleading with the vets to scan and referring them to http://www.vetsgetscanning.co.uk. I am pleased that at last the scanner will highlight and flag up as lost, but the vets need to scan as a matter of course.

    • Hello, sorry to hear about Toby I hope we can help get him back to you. I am hopeful that the AngleScanner will at last enable vets to scan all pets – as I understand it Vets do not scan all pets because of the work involved looking up records and verification etc once scanned. Our process is FREE, the scanners will be very cheap for Vets(and other professionals) and will give an instant report if a dog (pet) is reported as lost thus cutting down a lot of additional work. The vets will also know to ring DogLost. We think that these factors will at last make a big difference to scanning pets. We will be pushing hard for this.

      To make this a real success we need owners to add the chip number when they report their dog lost or when they pre-register their dog / cat on DogLost.co.uk We are currently cleaning data and in the final processes of building the platform and we will launch in September.

      Thanks for your support and I hope Toby is fine. Thoughts are with you.


    • Hello – OK thanks – what is the number and who provided the chip? we are wanting to collect all chip numbers so if this is a new standard then it is very useful. Thank you

  3. Hi,

    I have a comment with regards to Microchipping.

    When people take their pets in for an initial first consultation with their pet, does the vet scan the animal first to check it’s not already Microchipped, as there are alot of people out there stealing other peoples pets and could possibly be re registering them at their own vets.

    Is this not something that we should be appealing to all the vets to consider doing as part of an initial first check ?